A Mirror Image of who he once was

“Hopes that soar too high have their wings clipped” was Ash’s warning to him

 But set was his sights upon an island of faith towards whose shores his heart                       began to swim;

“Blame me not for the darkness, for I have tried to show you the light”

The fantasy and foolishness of love had him in its grip as to the finish he was ready to fight

Now a man undone, a wreck unraveled and a visage of chaos that has come to pass

Alas, what would Venky give up to be even a Mirror Image of Who He Once Was


Fools indeed do rush in where even angels fear to tread

Here he was plunging headlong into the abyss to her undisguised dread;

“It is not me but yourself that you are depriving of a choice”, she had begun to plead in vain

When has a heart that has lost itself to the lures of passion ever felt the pain?

Now moulded by anxiety and made malleable by agony, lost it all he has

Will Venky ever be even a Mirror Image of Who He Once Was


Every footprint of time has a story to tell

Some of which induce a chill down the spine whereas some cause tears to swell;

“The arrow of time once released knows neither guilt not passion” was her prophesy

Ignoring at his own peril her words of wisdom, he now finds no mercy

Fated to fall and probably never to rise again, facing a destiny callous and crass

Venky will never again be even a Mirror Image of Who He Once Was


Written as part of the December Writing Prompts organised by https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/category/writing-prompts/

Mika, Parveen and a Deaf Holiday

(Photo Credit: Jodi McKinney)

This was not the ideal beginning to the dream holiday which Parveen and Mika had envisaged. In the middle of nowhere, just as the crimson orb of the setting sun was fading away, their tour Van broke down.

“What is the problem?” Parveen could not disguise an element of anger in her tone.

“Sure I will have some rum!” replied the elderly driver breaking into a creased smile that revealed the absence of many a tooth.

“The only saving grace seems to be the beauty of a setting sun”, exclaimed Mika exhaling deeply.

“I will never say no to a sausage bun” the driver cheerily interrupted turning to flash his trademark smile at Mika.

“Don’t you have a hearing aid?” Parveen was irritated now.

“No you don’t get a refund of what you’ve paid” the driver’s tone took on an apologetic vein.

As Parveen held her head in her hands, Mika couldn’t stifle a peal of laughter.


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Thank You Jodi McKinney for the photograph!