Hankering after likes on Facebook and for retweets on Twitter do we pander

Destroying our bodies for that “perfect” post, the portals of Instagram we trawl and wander

Tossing and turning in bed on many a sleepless night consumed by angst and envy

Devoured by anger and enslaved by complexes, we are zombies intoxicated by greed

Conceiving our own despicable and destructive form of a contagious creed

Ultimately we will forage for peace and solidarity

In our elusive search for finding equanimity

(Word Count: 82)

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #204


An orbit of influence is a dangerous whirlpool

Whose swirling eddies suck in many an unsuspecting fool

Birthing chat bots and echo chambers

Fueling incendiary passions and stoking deadly embers

Always remember the wisdom behind taking things with a pinch of salt

Enjoy life with swigs of unadulterated single malt.

(Word Count: 50)

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #201


Masquerading as the affected, they come, protest in droves

Unwilling to reason, they hold society to unwitting ransom in their throes

Appropriating the assistance of undesirable elements for their ’cause’

The sheer insanity and lunacy of it all sees no imminent pause

Strikes ought not to be a show of kitsch but a gathering for a purpose

Lest they diminish noble motives before in futility the people finally disperse.

(Word Count: 69)

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #198

The Novelist

Trudging through work in a manner monotonously lethargic

Sleeping through Zoom meetings, after perfecting this wonderful trick

Mired in processes and lost in many a robotic ritual

Then she picked up the pen and realised this call was her career victual


Forced against his desire, and made to punch, and jab

Michael Bentt never intended to be one of boxing world’s fab

In a sport where ‘colour’ mattered more than aesthetics and quality

Surya Bonaly failed to buck the trend yet found a passion giving her glee

Jean Van De Velde’s meltdown at the very last hole cost him the Open

Only to open the Doors to a world where peace, tranquility and service did beckon

In the vocabulary of the daft these athletes may have been losers from within

They are true champions possessing statures Gargantuan.

(Word Count: 96)

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #195