Come undone; Come unhinged

Treating agony and ecstasy in a manner that would have made Kipling proud

Viewing both misery and munificence as siblings of a passing cloud;

With a demeanour so incredible and an attitude indefatigable

 He never viewed any situation as one that was insurmountable or insoluble


But love finally ensured that the poor man came unhinged

One who was hitherto courageous and determined sadly brooded and cringed;

The remorseless and unsparing hand of Cupid which once seemed so pure and pious

Shattered a man who once proudly deemed himself from all emotions, to be impervious

Love vile and devious


(Word Count: 99)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#98


With sparkling eyes, and a fluffy tail, out clambered the curious fox

One furtive glance and, alas he was clasped firmly in a pair of claws

Remembering his mother’s words, “Never venture out on an Equinox”

Ruminating on his folly all the while getting closer to the bear’s steely jaws


The woods reverberated with the sound of buck shot

Stung by which the bear dropped the little fox

The ranger with his gun barrel still hot

Told the lucky survivor, “Today is Equinox”

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#97


Sun, sand and sky were but accomplices willing

Putting out displays so seraphic and thrilling

An orb, a still mass of water and a canopy of azure blue

Paying paeans to Mother Nature in a manner wonderfully true.


Every element of cosmos teaches a lesson while laying out a vision

Entreating humanity to broaden the perspectives of their thinking horizon

Every blazing star unfolds secrets every night

Beseeching us to observe hope taking flight

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#92

Wine & Crab

It curiously began at the pool into which she plunged headlong

As creeping stealthily behind her, he suddenly & playfully sounded the gong

Coming out of the water but with fire in her blazing eyes

When her palm firmly made contact with his cheek, it was not all kisses & apple pies


Then the bloody crab at the beach scurried out of the sand and pinched her big toe

Making her rant, rave and curse, hop, skip holler and bellow

Sensing a chance for redemption he whipped out the magic tube of gel

It was too late before he realised that instead of a salve from heaven it was an irritant from hell


The last straw was triggered by a bottle of potent and expensive red wine

On a cool and breezy evening most appropriate to leisurely drink and dine

When the waiter came to their table and asked, “Sir one for the road?”

The inebriated fool with a stupid grin replied “Yes please and also one for my lovely toad.”


The battered and bruised black eye couldn’t sense relief with neither ice not spray

Everything had gone haywire in what otherwise was to be a romantic getaway

Oh, everything had gone awry in what otherwise was to be a romantic getaway

(Word Count: 212)

Written as part of #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Macaroni Madness

Treating both agony and ecstasy as siblings strumming up a bitter-sweet symphony

Venky couldn’t care less if the world around him fell apart, so long as there was macaroni;

When life threw a curve-ball, and dealt him cards that welcomed misery in a loop

He chooses for his heart a sigh or a shrug and for his soul Fresh Onion Macaroni & Cheese soup

Macaroni Macaroni what will the universe be without delicious you

Macaroni Macaroni you are too good to be true!

All the materialistic wealth and comforts that he found himself severely in a lack

Brought neither rue nor regret for he found divinity and tranquility in Beer Cheese and Mac;

Headaches and heart breaks could bludgeon him but never bury him in a dark hole

For Sloppy Joe and Macaroni were his ever reliable saviours manifesting in a Casserole

Macaroni Macaroni what will the universe be without delicious you

Macaroni Macaroni you are too good to be true!

Fair weather friends and frustrating foes who otherwise could be a handful

A plate of Mexican Macaroni Salad and presto! Serenity trumps over the vengeful;

When it seems that the whole cosmos is going Topsy-turvy with fate doing many a flip

Venky just takes a long hard breath before digging into his Mac with Fresh Veggies and Dip

Macaroni Macaroni what will the universe be without delicious you

Macaroni Macaroni you are too good to be true!

(Written as part of the February 2019 Writing Prompts put up by Putting My Feet In the Dirt website)