The Hammer

Wokeism, cancellation culture and platform denial are all deemed to be concepts zany;

Even though not making an iota of sense to so many

A herd mentality grips the homo sapiens as the whole world is a nail

Hammers go away flailing in all directions like a viral email

While we idiots rant, riot, and rave

Vested interests just smile and wave

(Word Count: 62)

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #176

Revanchist Redux

Keyboard combats, labels and a bewildering culture that ‘cancels’

Vicious and vituperative, every peaceful overture it repels ;

For emblems it has looting and shooting, pillaging and rioting

At times enforcers of the very law embracing this new found calling

Thereby giving to an insidious pandemic, a complete free reign

The world is uncomfortably privy to a horror hitherto unseen;

Brother v brother; neighbor against neighbor everyday is enacted the morbid play

Are we as humanity, even sentient any more as we continue in this gory way?

(Word Count: 86)

Courtesy: Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #173

Fractals of Tension

Fractals of our self furiously gravitate towards the world wide web

Some attracted by Tinder, others lured by Facebook as for likes they beg;

Biographies and memoirs don’t go beyond temporal ‘stories’ on Instagram

Calmness and quietude was once a languorous ride on a tram.

Burden of peer pressure making shoulders sag

Why can’t we screw everything and just LOLLYGAG!

(Word Count:60)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#138




The Poor Man’s Caesar

A Monarch of all he surveyed, but now a wretched pauper seeking his soul

Majestic robes he found himself ensconced in were now tattered rags wrapped around a ghoul

Muttering to himself he wandered aimlessly as his unprotected soles drew streaks of blood

Oblivious to physical pain and totally deaf to what around him was being said.

“One reaps what one sows” said some crunching their faces in apparent disgust

“He was a good man” opined some, “until consumed by the lure of lust”;

But he himself felt strangely free

Having accepted his Hubris.

(Word Count: 94)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#136