The Lego Serious Players

(Photo Credit: Renee Heath)

Three deck chairs provided a glorious view of the sun set. The plunging orb cast an orange hue around the mountain ranges overlooking the sparse shrub land. The mobile caravan, a mere euphemism for being a hair’s breath away from being homeless was parked a few feet away from the chairs. One of the world’s largest technology companies that took concepts such as Lego Serious Play and NLP with the same gravitas reserved for welcoming heads of States, was planning its “Hackathon” in the open plains.

The family stood no chance. The eviction notice was only a few heartbeats away.

(Word Count: 100)

This story was written as part of the FRIDAY FICTIONEERS challenge, more about which may be found HERE

 For the complete list of entries, please click HERE

14 thoughts on “The Lego Serious Players

  1. While I enjoyed the read, I have to confess that as an English Techno-Hermit, there were concepts here I didn’t understand. The only NLP I know is Neuro-Linguistic Programme; but how does that relate to Lego. I’ve a feeling the Lego referred isn’t the play-brick. 🙂


  2. I learned from reading the first couple of posts, but frankly, most of this was very confusing to an old lady like me. Lego Serious Play? Whaaaaaa? NLP?

    I’m definitely not a techno-geek, I guess.


  3. Lego Serious Play? I can’t even… I guess I’m getting too old for this stuff. 😀 I like the way you describe how casually the family is brushed aside for the oh-so-serious play. Sheesh…


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