Love Finds a Rustic

Amenable to neither sophistication nor pretense, a veritable rustic of doom

Aesthetics was never his forte and he could walk by with nary a glance at a flower in full bloom

Like a bolt out a blue, this bucolic specimen was rendered hopelessly besotted

Walking around with a weightlessness even though his stomach was knotted


The lass, to her credit was a damsel straight out a seraphic playbook

A beauty that made necks crane out of every cranny & inaccessible nook

Caring a jot for whether he choose to be crude or delicate

She knew not whether she loved him, leaving it all to fate.

(Word Count: 105)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#123




Balm & Benevolence

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it goes the popular refrain

A proven technique to ameliorate wanton grief and pain

But matters of the heart don’t correspond to this universal norm

There exists neither balm nor benevolence to tinker with or lend some calm


A tablet for sleeping; to bring one to the here and now

Alas! No medicine has yet been invented – and never will – to deal with the woes of love.

(Word Count: 75)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#119





Time’s Up!

Jagged bolts of lightning slamming forcefully into the ground

Rolling thunder hidden within overcast skies producing hideous sound

Sheets of rain cascading down in a burst of unrelenting fury

Lashing down impartially upon every building, automobile, and tree.


Standing by a huge window, within the confines of a concrete tower

Venky stared intently awestruck by Mother Nature’s raw power

Singing an elegiac song with accompanying strums of melancholy

Rendering him rooted to the spot even though he wanted to desperately flee.


Memories came flooding in as his eyes unwittingly welled up

Heartbreak could wait as he heard his boss shout, “times up!”

(Word Count: 102)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#118

It isn’t only nature that is Beautiful

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she exclaimed pointing to the plunging valley

The smile adorning her face was unadulterated, original & full of glee

Yet another peak had been conquered by this inveterate hiking woman

Who lead life to the fullest retaining in the face of all adversity, pluck and fun


But for him, few things mattered including a coursing river or the profuse green

Nor did he have time for lasting monuments or peacocks that gloriously preen;

His heartbeat was the beautiful lady who was the very epitome of bliss and cheer

So long as she was with him there was no force on earth that could induce in him any fear


He lived in her convincing voice and in her dazzling smile lay his sole solace

While days were spent in her memories, nights whirled away framed by her beatific face;

She was his beginning, his end and without an iota of doubt his very destiny

Just her presence and proximity liberated him and set him gloriously free


Undiminished and unfettered,  he found in her company his self, absolute and true

Angels of her ilk were remarkably rare, and unfortunately so very few

But it was his spell blinding fortune that he was a chosen one

For he knew with absolute certainty that another of her like, there could be none


He knew not whether this precious treasure could be his for life

This nagging doubt beset him without respite setting off an internal strife

But the very fact that he knew her would in the end, lend him a modicum of ease

When the time finally comes for him, he would see her magnificent face before resting in peace











Burn Brightly Burn

Judge me for my failings; crucify me for my deeds

Make me accountable for every one of fate’s unsparing beads;

Place me on the rack for every contemptuous sin

Haul me unsparingly to the coals and burn me before my protests begin.


Direct every known wrath and wreak the weapon of vengeance

Shake me by the scruff of my neck to instill within me proper sense

Do all of these and much more if your conscience tells you am wrong, by Jove

But never punish me on the one pretext that I nurtured false LOVE.

(Word Count: 95)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#115