Prototype of a Wall

Spending time staring at prototypes for an intrusive wall

When not imposing sanctions and specializing in name call;

Employing social media with the maturity of a three-year-old

Surrounded by a coterie incapable of telling or being told.

“Don’t send anything into my country” he indignantly yells

“I will decide what needs to be made and what sells”

It is only a matter of time before the world wakes up to this evil

Realizing the despot being kicked out will be the one great idyll

(Word Count: 84)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#109

Dryden & Ash

Seeking refuge in alcohol, finding solace in the noise of Iron Maiden

Venky knew he was leading a life of illusion, resorting to Huxley and Dryden

Carrying reminiscences of his Ash in every vein artery and coursing blood cell

He was nothing without her and every minute of her absence was to him a living hell

Ash, his life, his love, his one and only belle

Ash, sans her his life was but an exercise in denial

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#105

The Ash Cauldron

Bereft of pretensions and oblivious to favour or fear

Going about both her work and life in a manner simple and clear

One such path brought her to the place of his toil

Little did he realise that his life would quickly be in turmoil.

Sorting out taxes in the morning with evenings reserved for beers

His existence became an explosive mix of unrestrained laughter and unconstrained tears

As the professional and the personal slowly obliterated a blurring line

He plunged into the circumstances fully knowing it wouldn’t at all be fine.

Elation and Enthusiasm converge to impress

Reality and futility together to depress.

(Word Count: 104)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#102

The Faustian Compact

Casting aside conscience and booting out morals for good measure

Engaging in debauchery, decadence and Bohemian pleasure

Living life to the “full” with nary a care for an ensuing sunrise

Paying scant regard to the threat of paying a Faustian price

Possessed by a Charlatan Spirit that to discretion cared two hoots

As the very Devil incarnate within began taking root.

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#101