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by Venky

Imperial and undaunted even when bent

Uncomplaining to the harsh beating down of the sun and impudent rain

Growing with dignity unmindful of remorse and repent

Scantily heeding pleasure yet refusing to be a slave to pain

Succour to many a migrant winged traveler seeking much needed respite

Canopy of shade to weary pilgrims in search of salvation and peace

Imploring humanity to cultivate humility irrespective of an inherent might

The lessons imparted by this majestic being just doesn’t cease

Mute witness to many a revolution, and unpardonable folly of greed

A satisfied spectator to brave conquests and noble experiments in virtue

Experience going back eons from the time evolution was just a seed

Addressing this wonder as a keeper of man’s conscience would not be one bit untrue

But still we plough ahead in a astonishing display of collective ignorance

Shorn of piety, empathy and much needed common sense.

(Word Count: 150)

Crimson”s Creative Challenge #142

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crispina kemp August 1, 2021 - 3:40 pm

So many elements here I like. The ploughing on with ignorance. The seeds of evolution. You’ve really delved deep into this. It’s beautiful. 🙂


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