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Tata Log by Harish Bhat

by Venky

012Over an enduring legacy spanning a phenomenal 150-odd years, the TATA Group has come to symbolize the tenets of integrity, intensity and indispensability. With an uncompromising bent of mind in so far as the sphere of business ethics is concerned, this conglomerate has transformed itself from a fledgling textile manufacturer into a virtual pride of India – a crown jewel whose Mantra is diversity and motto quality.

In this refreshing work, Harish Bhat, an ‘insider’ shares his perceptions regarding the various factors that motivate and drive business at TATAs. Selecting eight stories of inspiration, the author attempts to unravel the ‘TATA Way of Life’, a path defined by honesty and paved with innovative ingenuity. The tackling of the shambolic Corporate Governance fiasco at Tata Finance, the endeavours of TATA Motors to bring out the Indica as the first indigenous ‘India-made’ car; the unrelenting determination of TATA Steel to bag the prestigious Deming Award for Quality; the audacious yet ruthlessly focused bid of TATA Global Beverages to acquire Tetley Tea, the fascinating Second Career Internship Programme (“SCIP”) for women taking a break from their career, TATA’s ambitious foray into birthing India’s first super computer “EKA”, and the empowerment of Okhamandal’s villagers from forced farming to exquisite handicraft artisans, courtesy the TATA Chemicals Society for Rural Development (“TCSRD”), all capture the core of the TATA ethos and vividly demonstrate the credo underlying their business.

This behemoth with a presence from salt to steel is not just India’s most visible architecture of economic growth, it is in fact a benchmark and a gold standard for conducting business with an undying commitment to quality, credibility and society.

TATA LOG – A peoples adventure of aspiration!

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