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The Bullets

by Venky

Amidst the brambles, nettles and an unwelcoming assemblage of thorns lay hope

The glistening rays of the Sun bore witness to the still bodies all sit to elope

Harsh voices and snarling jaws would at any moment follow the scent

There was no time for remorse, there was no cause to repent

Drenched with sweat and covered in mud they led each other

Panting and weeping, all fears they gamely tried to smother

When the bullets came pinging, they made themselves small

Their ears were ringing with the ricochets and many a frantic call

Just before the bullets rend the couple asunder, they experienced a blissful calm

Fate and inevitability had contrived to administer a most soothing balm

(Word Count: 118)

Crimson’s Creative Challenge#143

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1 comment

crispina kemp August 13, 2021 - 2:45 am

And I understand it is true, when faced with certain death there is a wash of calm


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