Masters of Wisdom: Thoreau: Transcendent Nature for a Modern World by Alan Jacobs


This delightful assemblage of selected writings of Henry David Thoreau serves as an extremely alluring appetizer for any Thoreau ‘seeker’. Although no short anthology can profess to render justice to one of the most adored genius of the literary world, this meticulously chosen collection by Alan Jones kindles or rekindles as may be appropriate) the magic of Thoreau in no uncertain fashion.

The book has both essays as well as lyrical poetry handpicked from such Thoreau classics as “Walden”, “Walking”, “Paradise (to be) Regained”. Other Thoreau works competing for a place in this anthology include “Autumnal Tints”, “Cape Cod” and “Excursions”.

Whether it be exhorting humanity to co-exist in perfect harmony with nature or to toil hard in the farm using one’s bare hands instead of ruminating on the material facets of life, Thoreau drives us deep within that fundamental tenet around with life revolves, or at any rate ought to revolve – the search for one’s own soul and the heeding of one’s own calling.

Thoreau – The triumph over the trivial.

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