The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro


After an interminably long hiatus spanning a decade, one of the most original writers of our time, Kazuo Ishiguro is back, and how! ‘The Buried Giant’, although not in the same make and mould as the sensational ‘When We Were Orphans’, or the phenomenal ‘The Remains Of The Day’, is nonetheless refreshingly stirring and invigorating.

iAxl and Beatrice are an elderly couple, passing their time in an era where there lies an easy quiet and collective calm between the Britons and the Saxons. However, this environment of amicability and camaraderie seems to be characterized by a weird phenomenon having the insidious ability to wipe memories out of people’s minds. Events are transformed into hazy recollections and reminiscences are but tremulous wisps of an enveloping mist. Is this lack of recollections the very reason behind the truce between two warring factions?

Has a spell been cast upon an unsuspecting populace by that cunning genius Master Merlin, acting under the orders of the noble and benevolent King Arthur? Is something ungodly lurking under this seemingly Utopian setting? The search for answers sets Axl and Beatrice upon a journey which otherwise a couple of their ilk would be loath to undertake. During the course of their wanderings, their intrigue is heightened and prospects imperiled as they are beset with hurdles both man made and mystical.

Thrown in Master Wistan, a dragon-hunter, Sir Gawain, a knightly nephew of King Arthur, Querig a most feared and almost mythical dragon, you have an uneasy conflation of philosophical, meta physical, social, cultural and political contradictions and conflicts. The wait has well and truly been worth the anticipation!

The Buried Giant – Return of a Master!

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