Free Fall by William Golding


A metaphysical work of magnificent proportions, William Golding once described “Free Fall” as a ‘confession’ of sorts. Samuel Mountjoy is raised fatherless in the abject slums of Rotten Row. Upon the demise of his mother, he finds a benefactor in Father Watt-Watts who takes the orphan under his custody and arranges for the appropriate schooling.

Influenced by the prurient teachings by the religious Ms.Rowena Pringle and a man of atheistic bent Mr.Nick Shales, Samuel Mountjoy leads a life racked by seemingly irreconcilable contradictions. The push and pull of tangentially different philosophies invades his being and permeates confusion in no small measure. Even when Mountjoy finds his works displayed in the galleries of the prestigious Tate, he is a person torn from within. A melancholic tryst with love running in parallel with a sly sexual affair only stokes the raging flames of paradox.

When Mountjoy is taken a prisoner of war in World War II and banished to solitary confinement coupled with an imminent threat of torture, he conducts his own personal and scathing interrogation, the subject of which is the life which he has led until the time of his capture.

William Golding provides a gleaming insight into the prowess that has made him one of the greatest writers to have ever held a pen. With a style that is at times inexorably abstract and at others, strikingly lucid he undertakes an unbelievably intricate assessment of human values, personal influences and conflicting qualities of trust and treachery.

Free Fall – A Plummeting route to realisation!

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