Preserving Pictures and Purity – An Odyssey from Canyon to Canon

(Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ | Google Maps)

The Canyon was bathed in a magisterial hue of light reflecting the invincible power of the radiant sun. The magnificent Orb, the very source of life for the only Planet with recorded inhabitation was serenely enveloping the imperial rock formations. Thousands of shutters clicked and clacked away in unison with uncontrolled exclamations and unbelievable finger shifts. The spectacular sights this evening would be fodder for envy on Instagram tomorrow.

Parveen watched with a tinge of amusement and melancholy at the chattering tourists. Bucket lists would be ticked off, as would be showboating with selfies, but the rampant march of climate change will continue unabated. Flooding was shifting vegetation along the Colorado River to species with more drought-tolerant traits. Native willows, rushes and cattails were in great peril.

Mankind had to do something; she had to do something. Something that would go beyond mere rhetorical campaigns and Canon DSLR selfies!

(Word Count: 150)

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw

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9 thoughts on “Preserving Pictures and Purity – An Odyssey from Canyon to Canon

  1. I enjoyed the contrast between the magestic Natural world and the vain and frivolous humans. Your use of adjectives (magisterial, magnificent, invincible, serene) tells us plainly, who has the real power here.


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