The separation of Immanuel Kant

(Photo Credit: Yarnspinnerr)

To state that they were poles apart would qualify as one great understatement. While her life was a chaotic whirl of unrelenting activity, he elected to remain ensconced in a world whose only inhabitants were books. Her strenuous exertions in kick boxing were countered by his leisurely reading of a critique by Immanuel Kant, with a bottle of ice cold beer egging on his philosophical bent.

It seemed to him as though she could never remain still for a minute. At times he wondered whether she herself was not a spiraling vortex whose whorl he had allowed himself to be willingly taken in.

 Hence when she came up with an unexpected request to join her on a Kayak one sunny Friday morning, he agreed with a great element of surprise but with no sense of apprehension.

“Water”, she whispered. “so still yet so deadly. So inviting yet so deep. We can no longer be together.”

Her words rippled through him as the yellow paddle dropped from his hands.


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