Crevices Of Deliverance

Along with necessity, nooks, crannies and crevices are also the perfect mothers of invention. If hiding something to find it later is the second most delightful pastime of adolescence, finding something that has been hidden – unquestionably – is the first! Aren’t the two acts in question the same? Please allow me to explain why they are not. While the nexus between them is inextricable, the link is neither predictable nor continuous. A cigarette hidden haphazardly and hastily behind a line of rarely perused books, provides a sense of indescribable relief. However, this event, due to the larger hustle and bustle of worldly schemes might be totally forgotten, until one, day either disastrously (if your father finds the cigarette), or thanks to a fortuitous bolt of realization (congratulations! Time to puff away without knowing the art of inhalation), the offending object is accessed for further consumption. The feeling in the latter case, is then one of pure exhilaration!

Replace the cigarette with say, a banned book, a love letter, and substitute the back of the bookshelf for the rusty aluminum briefcase in a cobweb adorned attic, a makeshift pit in the garden, or even the cramped albeit dry space between the float and the flushing mechanism of a Western Commode!

The most memorable secret places are the ones visible in plain sight. Acts of ingenuity and spontaneity contrive to make them caches and vaults!

(Word Count: 233)

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

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14 thoughts on “Crevices Of Deliverance

  1. Indeed. 🙂
    My best-unexpected find was a £20 note behind a chest of drawers in the bedroom. To this day I don’t know how it got there, except it was my bedroom, not shared with anyone else. So I guess I must have hidden there, squirrelled away for a less affluent day … and I was in need when I found it.


  2. When I was a kid, during the summer, my brother and I used to scour the house for loose change. If we found enough, we would go to the corner store and buy microwave burritos and chocolate milk. We’d bring them home and watch reruns of the old Adam West Batman show.


  3. A very enlightening post! I agree nooks, corners and crevices which are in plain sight are the best hiding places. That 100 rupee note kept between a book and long forgotten, when found provides a pleasure equivalent to winning a lottery.


  4. You know,sometimes we hide things so well that we forget ourselves. True story! Then the only option is to say, “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me” (Only because I have no idea what/where it is! 🙂


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