Song of a Wandering Soul

(Songxicun, China | Gao Shian, Google Maps)

Ashita gingerly unslung her back pack and took out her high powered Sony A7 III full frame mirror less camera. With a 3 inch tilting touchscreen this new gadget was her soul mate. For her closest friends this obsession didn’t come as a surprise. Just like every picture produced by the click of shutters knew neither bias nor prejudice, but only narrated consequences, Ashita neither pandered to praise nor was cowed down by threats.

Hence when she set out to Songxicun on a solo soul searching trip, the two most overworked companions were going to be her feet and her eyes. Ambling through a stone paved alley, with dilapidated buildings abutting its sides, Ashita stood staring impassively at the bricks uncovered by peeling paint and worn down cement.

Taking out her notebook, she wrote her first entry of the day, “in material deprivation lies true education and the depths of character.”

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw

For the complete list of entries, please click HERE

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