Don’t Let The Kitten Drive The Car – Akanksha Sharma

A very candid, pleasant and moving book, “Don’t Let the Kitten Drive the Car” narrates the travails and triumphs of Simba, an abandoned street cat who is offered refuge and succour, initially by a kind humanitarian called Dhruv and later by the Gupta family. Of special mention is Akriti Gupta a visually impaired young girl who takes to Simba and forges an inseparable bond with the feline.

But what makes the book interesting and eminently readable is the message conveyed. Although light hearted and funny, the book touches upon various themes of social significance such as bullying in school, empowering the differently abled and a crying need for inculcating the virtues of compassion towards animals. When Akriti gets bullied at school and is forced to keep mum about it (for a brief interlude at least), the story resonates with the plight being faced by thousands of innocent children who are a perennial target of inveterate bullies. However, the way in which Akriti overcomes her seemingly insurmountable obstacles is to say the least – inspiring.

“Don’t Let the Kitten Drive The Car” – A commendably honest effort.

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