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Immortal by Duncan Hamilton

by Venky


It inevitably takes the candid brilliance of a rare author to chronicle the life of a coruscating genius. Duncan Hamilton proceeds to do exactly that in “Immortals”.

Without sympathy or sycophancy, Hamilton proceeds to lay bare the turbulent life of one of the greatest and gifted footballers of all time. A life characterized by triumph and tragedy in equal measure. Every superhuman feat that George Best produced on the footballing field was neutralised in equal measure by his antiques with the bottle or in bed.

Every mystical feint was overshadowed by an indiscriminate fling; every magical flick subsumed by a flagrant flow of booze. However as the marvelous book aptly demonstrates, George Best would be most remembered for what he did on the field rather than what he became off it.

He was the Best that football could ever offer. A banner poignantly unfurled by his fans at his funeral gave clinical testimony to this fact. It read “MARADONA GOOD; PELE BETTER; GEORGE BEST!!! Read this book and re-read it!!!

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