Happiness by Design: Change What You Do, Not How You Think by Paul Dolan (Foreword), Daniel Kahneman (Foreword)


In this compelling work, the noted behavioural and health policy expert Paul Dolan provides some simple and alluring prescriptions to strike an optimum balance between a fulfilling life and a happy existence.

Using the Pleasure-Purpose-Principle (“PPP”), Dr.Dolan exhorts us to embarace the experiential self over the evaluating one. Demonstrating the virtues of adhering to simple things such as decimating procrastination, developing a conscious smile and abhorring ‘digital dementia’ (a manic urge to stay glued to the screens of both smart and cell phones), Dolan encourages the reader to not merely exist, but to live.

Using his own example of stuttering, the author emphasises that actually happiness lies in not brooding and fretting over inabilities but by focusing undivided attention on the here and now. Shades of the famous philosophy articulated by Eckhardt Tolle resonate throughout the book.

Happiness By Design – Can be life changing if you want it to be!

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