In this engaging third installment of the Quartet series, the focus is on the serene and tranquil “Village”. This is a place of serenity and bliss where discards from other communities are welcomed with open arms and provided an opportunity to lead a life of dignity and independence.

The leader of the Village is Jonas, the “Receiver Of Memories” who has a unique gift of “seeing beyond”. A chirpy component of this close knit association of human beings is Matty (the hyperactive tyke from “Gathering Blue”). Matty has a unique gift of healing which is known only to himself and the Leader. When the once preternaturally friendly Village suddenly undergoes a transformation from camaraderie to hostility, the Leader knows that it is time for Matty to bring into the village the gifted Kira, the daughter of the Seer. The Seer is the custodian of young Matty and when Matty readies himself to go through the “Forest” to get Kira, his apprehension is palpable.

Will Matty and Kira succeed in making the journey through the once placid now deadly Forest? What follows is a racy and emotional tale involving emotions, courage and determination.

“Messenger” – A worthy sequel to “Gathering Blue!”

Messenger (The Giver #3) by Lois Lowry

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