A Companion Guide to the Newbery Medal winning book “The Giver”, “Gathering Blue” portrays a Dystopian Picture of three talented artists whose innovative genius is collectively shackled and suppressed to suit the needs of an elite band of members.

While Kira is a wizard with weaving magical fabrics using dye and colour, Thomas is a craftsman par excellence carving, sculpting and polishing a niche of his own. Jo is a prodigiously talented toddler from the infernal parts of the country, commonly termed a “Fen”, with magic in her lilting voice. All three of these uniquely gifted people find themselves precariously bound together. Closeted to perfect chores that are ordered, to hone an art that is demanded and to master a style that is delegated – in the process being under a constant threat of losing a major portion of their natural talent.

Succor comes in the form of an unkempt and untidy ‘tyke’, a small boy named Matt. Matt with his inseparable dog “Branch” for company might just turn out to be the panacea for freeing the 3 artistes from their repressed circumstance. However, it would be a perilous challenge for all 4 of them and Branchie if they are to achieve their dangerous aspirations….

Gathering Blue (The Giver #2) by Lois Lowry

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