The Bell’s Dome

Sunflower Dead

(Photo Credit: Crispina Kemp)

Low Siew Kuan’s eyes brimmed with tears. Tears of fury, futility and forlorn hope. Siew Kuan’s prodigious professional career as an environmentalist and cultural anthropologist was made and marred in equal measure by locking horns with the beacons of crony capitalism; running from pillar to post fighting to obtain project funding, which even after securing legitimate accord seemed to be obscured in a myriad mish-mash of obstinate bureaucracy and obnoxious paperwork; and driven to exasperation by a media which danced to the tunes of corporate largesses and diktat.

Now her worst fears had come home to roost. The beautiful but rare species of flower called “The Bell’s Dome” was at the last leg of its grandeur on Earth. The ominous pre-conditions of extinction, in the form of brown caterpillar like appendages had begun ravaging the Dome.

“We do not deserve Nature” cursed Siew Kuan wiping tears that now flowed hopelessly.

(Word Count: 150)

Written as part of the Crimson’s Creative Challenge #15 More details regarding this challenge may be found HERE.

5 thoughts on “The Bell’s Dome

  1. Methinks someone has gone through the funding process. Too much emotion put into this to be something picked from the screen, big or small. Which neatly segues to my real comment. Lowe the emotion put into this. Dratted people who don’t care about a rare and threatened plant. ‘Friend of the Earth’ Venky. 🙂


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