The Hip Flask


(Photo Credit:  Matt Bowden on Unsplash)

Uncorking the top of his reliable hip flask, Venky tilted back his head and in a swift and surreptitious gesture downed a generous swig of Scotch before quickly replacing the lid and putting the flask back to its rightful place. This practiced maneuver was until the past one year not even a possibility let alone a habit. Things had changed in an impromptu, impetuous and imploding manner, just like the trajectory of the roller coaster he was witnessing. This particular one was a bright green elevated railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and the inevitable inversions. There were yellow multiple cars for the brave hearted to buckle themselves into before they screamed and shrieked.

Tight turns, steep slopes and unpredictable inversions. Venky did not even know why he deposited himself in this park every week vacantly gazing at the upturned hollering homo sapiens. He never purchased a ticket himself. He just placed himself directly underneath the biggest roller coaster and as the railroad track spun, weaved, wobbled, and rocketed before coming to a shuddering halt, watched the movement with unblinking eyes. There was a void in those eyes and a vacuum in his heart.

But he was used to roller coasters without riding one. Ash, his own, personal and unrepentant roller coaster. On a blisteringly hot April day, she left him. Left him to navigate tight turns, negotiate steep slopes and reconcile with inversions.

Unlike the temporary yelling crowd above him, he had to do this daily!

(Word Count: 246)

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

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