The Ash Sign

“Are you a water bearer?” Ash startled Venky one midsummer day

“Huh?” Venky was trying hard for something to say

“I am a Sagittarius and what’s your Zodiac” she with a beatific smile

“Just waiting for YOUR SIGN” he thought – “all the while!”

(Word Count: 43)

Courtesy of Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#106

3 thoughts on “The Ash Sign

  1. Like that. Venky.
    The one who patiently waits. Capricorn? Though I’ve a feeling it could be Taurus. And familiarity with the signs doesn’t equate with belief, no more than does familiarity with the Bible, nor yet does being thoroughly acquainted with the Karma Sutra equate to being sexually active. 🙂

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