The Ash Method

(Photo Credit: Ceayr)

The most conspicuous thing about the house was the plants. Lining the red painted steps leading towards the door, neatly clustered on the extended ledge and even delicately perched on the railings of the balcony, the pots in which the greenery was housed made for a pretty and aesthetic sight. She called them her children. Devils Ivies, Dracaenas, Moth Orchids and Anthuriums, pre-christened children who arrived on her doorstep. Assiduously watering them, she even spent a few minutes crooning pleasantries in front of them.

Venky once asked her, “What’s with your love for plants?”

“Pure and unconditional reciprocation”, replied Ash.

(Word Count: 100)

This story was written as part of the FRIDAY FICTIONEERS challenge, more about which may be found HERE

For more stories based on the above prompt, click HERE 

10 thoughts on “The Ash Method

  1. Haha true story while I was reading this I’m braiding my hair for the day which means leaving my hair ties (aka cat play thing) on the desk in front of me. My little cat was stalking my hair thing and at the same time I was thinking but are plants really better than pets? Cats love you unconditionally, for the most part, some of the time. =D Yes, I can see the appeal. And no, my cat cannot have my hair thing, and yes she will pout for a while about that. Maybe there’s something to the plant idea. =D Nice story that made me think!

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  2. I like your story, as I love plants. They will always be welcome in my home and they never complain. I do feel bad they are all in separate planters, as the more I learn about them the more I understand they communicate (with each other) more with their roots than they do with their leaves.

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  3. Lovely. I so enjoy plants and flowers, but I sadly seem to have a tendency to over-or underwater them. They simply don’t thrive for me, and it makes me so sad. Maybe I didn’t talk to them enough 🙂

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  4. Plants are sensitive, if you love them they’ll respond in kind, if you neglect them, they die. Dogs also love unconditionally. As long as we still have these ties to natural, real beings, we’re not completely lost, I think. Great story.

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