Nonchalance & Cameron Highlands

Before commencing the ascent, the driver gently nursed the bus to a halt at a truck layby. “We are going to begin the climb to Cameron Highlands. All those who have prior experience with motion sickness are hereby urged to procure Eco bags at a cost of Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”)0.50 each. If you choose not to, but consequently dirty the bus, the culprit would need to bear the cleaning charges of RM 30.” With this dire warning delivered with a causal tone bordering on the nonchalance, the driver waited for the faint hearted in his bus. With none volunteering, he calmly went back to his seat and proceeded to navigate the bus around dizzying lot of hairpin bends. No puke.

(The prompt for Joelle’s Tales at Ranting along is to talk about the last trip I took in exactly 120 words.)



Joanne’s Humanity

(Photo courtesy of Alexis Ortiz)

The artist looked as if he was plastered against the front of the castle. An intended flattening manufactured to result in equally deliberate consequences. While the purists felt that the splendour of the architecture was being tarnished by such pyrotechnics, the ones calling themselves, ‘the freakish progressives’ delighted in the concept and even coined the term “graffitista” – euphemism for a fashionista turned human graffiti.

Before the “Jumping Graffitista” transformed into an international movement, it’s birth resembled that of an accidental child. An ebullient couple high on both adrenaline and alcohol, while egregiously cavorting in front of the Windsor Castle, broke out into a spontaneous game. Each took the other’s picture just when the subject was jumping. A typical Instagram raw material.

Joanne, an intrepid humanitarian & ecologist while taking her own pictures of the Castle focused accidentally upon a black visage against a white castle. Thus was born the revolution against gun control and racial discrimination. Did not matter which was the colour shooting and which was the one getting shot. Same with racial discrimination. Every horrific massacre triggered a swarm of pictures depicting artists flattened against monuments. White on Black, Black on White.

Humanity against Bigots.

(Word Count: 200)

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The Ash Remedy

(Custer State Park, Black Hills, South Dakota | Cassie Dahl, Google Maps)

Setting his tent adjacent to the ponderous ‘Ponderosa Pine’ tree, Venky plonked  himself down and look a long, hard and introspective swig from a jumbo sized can of Heineken.  Ash had warned him about the Board room battle. While he was prepared for a bout of acrimony what had rattled him was a full blown brawl where two groups of Private Investors shrieked, scratched & set about each other’s hoarse throats – literally & threateningly!

Signing off the papers that provided for divesting his stake, Venky literally bolted from the roiling Board room, scrambling to the nearest airport and booking himself on a flight to isolation. Now a fervour of anticipation gripped him as he waited for Ash to arrive. Her soothing presence would be the panacea for all ailments.

Immersed in her thoughts, Venky didn’t notice the dangerous branch directly above him that had detached itself from the tree…

(Word Count: 149)

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