Nonchalance & Cameron Highlands

Before commencing the ascent, the driver gently nursed the bus to a halt at a truck layby. “We are going to begin the climb to Cameron Highlands. All those who have prior experience with motion sickness are hereby urged to procure Eco bags at a cost of Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”)0.50 each. If you choose not to, but consequently dirty the bus, the culprit would need to bear the cleaning charges of RM 30.” With this dire warning delivered with a causal tone bordering on the nonchalance, the driver waited for the faint hearted in his bus. With none volunteering, he calmly went back to his seat and proceeded to navigate the bus around dizzying lot of hairpin bends. No puke.

(The prompt for Joelle’s Tales at Ranting along is to talk about the last trip I took in exactly 120 words.)



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