India Grows At Night by Gurcharan Das


With Anna Hazare’s stirring clarion call for rooting out corruption as the back drop, Gurcharan Das ruminates on the contradiction that is India. Ruled by a deficient and flailing state (the Congress Government with the helpless Manmohan Singh at its helm), India still has managed to carve out a unique niche in the Global Economy as a force to reckon with. This growth is to a great extent, attributable to the unstinting and tireless efforts put in by the people of India acting in various capabilities and donning multiple responsibilities.

This veritable paradox has coined the popular epithet “India Grows at Night”. In other words while an inefficient political body sleeps away the precious morning hours, a determined citizenry pulls its might by forcing India to progress at night. Gurcharan Das explores practical avenues by which this distortion/dichotomy may be alleviated thereby leading to a strong, progressive and prosperous India.

“India Grows at Night” – A tribute to Midnight’s Children.

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