Sun, Sand and Nattat

(Rasgado’s Jazz Club, Baía Farta, Angola | Claudio González Jorge, Google Maps)

The watchtower-cum-viewing point framed against the bright sky was at once precise and aleatory. While the Geometrical exactness of the structure itself left nothing to chance, the assemblage of buildings themselves gave an impression of being plonked down at random on a randomly chosen location.

“That is enough Nattat”, hollered the big bosomed woman with an arthritic limp. The walls of the kitchen into which she hobbled into was covered in jet black soot. It was the only room other than the stuffed living room that also doubled up as the family bedroom. But it was also 15 year old Nattat’s abode of art. “Come and help me clean the stove. You are in a musseques in Angola!”

With a hardly audible sigh, Nattat, gently placed her latest work of art atop a stack in the corner. This was neither her first sea nor would it be her last sky.

(Word Count: 150)

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw

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19 thoughts on “Sun, Sand and Nattat

  1. enjoyed the setting – went so well with the photo and could feel the stuffed room
    loved the word “plonked” and
    the ending brought a smile:
    “neither her first sea nor would it be her last sky”
    because the art goes on… ahhhh

    (and not sure if you want this kind of feedback — but should geometrical should be capitalized?)


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