Soaring Hopes, Silent Victories

(Photo Credit: Akshata Ram)

The snowfall stopped as abruptly as it had started bearing down. Yet its purpose was complete. Bathed in an ocean of white the entire park looked as though it was birthed out of monochrome. A crown of white topped the triangular domes of the makeshift look out towers. The two swings suspended from and supported by logs hammered into the soft ground were frosted over. A blustery wind made the leaves tremble as the snowflakes clinging to them slowly floated down towards the ground in slow motion.

Parveen watched this spectacle unfold from the window of the Cessna 182 Skylane. Turning towards Joanne, seated next to her, she whispered, “a riot of colours, or just black and white?”. Smiling softly, Joanne responded, “colours for celebration, black & white for candour. The simplicity of transparency leads to a splash of joy”.

Parveen took one last look through the window. Joanne whispered into her ear, “Say hello to a new beginning and a new life Parveen. This is going to be YOUR year.”


This story has been written as part of the FLASH FICTION FOR ASPIRING WRITERS – FFfAW Challenge #198, more details about which may be found HERE

For reading similar entries submitted in response to the FFfAW Challenge #198 please click HERE

Thank You Akshata Ram for the photograph!



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