Are You Fully Charged?: The 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life by Tom Rath


Another gem from the utilitarian Tom Rath. Drawing from his previous bestseller “Eat,Move, Sleep”, Rath identifies three key, critical and indispensable tenets that ought to form core touchstones in day-to-day life. The three pillars identified by Rath are:

Creating more meaning from and out of life so as to transcend from the mundane and the material to having a concrete purpose;

Making each interaction (whether personal or professional)more enriching, fruitful and impacting; and

Never losing sight of one’s own physical and mental well being so as to remain alert and accommodating to the possibility of enhancing and bettering the well being of those surrounding us.

Although not Vintage Rath when compared with his writing in “Eat, Move Sleep”, this is nonetheless a precocious companion in lending that subtle yet essential nudge towards physical, mental and spiritual progress towards a holistic life.

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