The Philosopher and the Wolf: Lessons from the Wild on Love, Death and Happiness by Mark Rowlands


In a rare dash of enthusiasm and spurred on by an inherent love of canines, Mark Rowlands, 27 and Professor of Philosophy, ends up buying a wolf cub. Brenin, as the cub would be named, becomes an inseparable component of Rowland’s life. Growing up to be a magnificent hunk of a wolf, Brenin bestows upon his owner some incandescent lessons on life, wit, wisdom, vanity, vilification, despair and hope. Brenin and Rowlands lead life in lockstep for eleven long years before the dreaded calling of cancer unfortunately plucks Brenin away from the warmth of his master. Or to put it more realistically, Rowlands is shorn of the tender warmth accorded to him by his “pet”.

This narrative describing the confluence of feelings between an animal of the wild and a social animal of civilization sheds a fascinating light on various philosophical aspects of man’s existence on Earth.

“The Philosopher and The Wolf” – Lessons from a Beast to Humanity

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