Adalberto’s Corner

(Goizueta, Navarre | © Google Maps)

Adalberto neither knew the machinations of politics nor the motivations of politicians. Ensconced in an uncontroversial world that comprised of a plot of land inherited from his devout and hardworking peasant father, an uncomplaining wife and a flock of sheep, Adalberto lead an existence that was prosaic. Rising along with the sun and also retiring with it, his was a life that provided beautiful testimony to the fact that the earth was serenely spinning along its axis.

Until he was influenced by Yaguati and his talks of separatism, Basque pride etc. “Just come for one demonstration”, he implored.

When the first rock whizzed through the air and cracked the policeman’s jaw, all hell broke loose. Adalberto didn’t even realise a dagger was in his bloodied hands.

Now they were coming for him. His poor refuge of a cabin couldn’t last long. Every shadow was fate closing in on him.

(Word Count: 149)

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw

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