(Bamboi, Northern Region, Ghana. Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The fanfare preceding the arrival of the entourage was to put it mildly, eclectic in its ostentation. Rock concerts simultaneously held across continents, commitments of eye popping sums of money by various multilateral agencies, puff pieces dripping with altruistic ends adorning global publications and celebrities making determined faces all made for an atmosphere that was rarified and a purpose that seemed to brook no hurdles.

The Ghanaians watched in bewilderment as a procession of aid agencies invaded their villages and towns and commenced to dig, bore, build and break with a vigour that bordered on the frenzy. The more enterprising ones even talked about telecommunication towers and mobile networks.

Then they all left as abruptly as they came leaving the hosts to their tin sheds, ‘play tires’ and poverty.

All that the country asked for were mosquito nets and multivitamin pills!

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