(Image Credit: J Hardy Carroll)

The stifling hot air was accompanied a stillness which sucked out any hopes of even a slender breeze. There was nary a mild movement that would make the Stars & Stripes to at least flutter.  “In sync with the times” reflected Obarck Barama from his office.  “When neighbours are walled out, allies isolated courtesy bizarre trade and transaction policies, the environment rampantly exploited with scant regard for the future inheritors of Mother Earth, democracy was bound to suffer.” Barama was now in a pensive state. “Benign hegemony would not merely stutter but perish in a vacuum of stillness.” He concluded.

(Word Count: 100)

This story was written as part of the FRIDAY FICTIONEERS challenge, more about which may be found HERE

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The Flat Foot

(Image Credit: Crispina Kemp)

The pain knifed across the sole of his foot before coursing up the shin making Venky wince in undisguised agony.  He stifled a scream even though not a soul was to be found in his vicinity.  Rivulets of sweat streaming down his forehead, dripped into his eyes.

The blurred vision triggered by the sweat that made him miss the waif like apparition wafting to and fro across the small and unused bridge under a canopy of trees. It was the sound which which drew his attention towards it. “Write for me, my lad, write your grief and record your miseries.” Turning towards the scratchy, patchy voice, Venky saw a skeletal figure clad in a Grey tattered robe clinging loosely over a non existent body.

Venky ran. Ran as much as his obese body and battered heel would allow. a piercing laughter followed him all the way along the lonely road.

Word Count: 150)

Written as part of the Crimson’s Creative Challenge #34 More details regarding this challenge may be found HERE.