Behavioural Economics Saved My Dog: Life Advice For The Imperfect Human by Dan Ariely


One of the most entertaining and endearing social scientists and behavioural economists gracing the field today, Dan Ariely decided to commence a column imaginatively titled “Ask Ariely” in the Wall Street Journal beginning 2012. This was meant to be a platform for readers to get a relief from various dilemmas plaguing their day-to-day existence, both professionally and personally.

This book is a collection of the questions posed by the readers and the solutions provided by Ariely. Ranging from the pesky (a most appropriate solution to prevent dog owners from not cleaning up after their canines) to the profound (whether a couple in their prevalent dispensation ought to have children), the problems span a wide sweep of head and heartaches. Combining a refreshing blend of astute wisdom and spontaneous wit, Professor Ariely comes up with convincing and creative answers to most of the flummoxes.

Covering a wide range of social science niggles such as “loss aversion”, “depletion”, “adaptation”, “signaling” and “political correctness”, the solutions proposed by Ariely provide a valuable insight into the window of human psychology and cultural mores. The suggestions are also amenable for practical experimentation and unbiased judgments based on resulting outcomes.

“Behavioural Science….” – time to rethink life!

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