Who Am I?: The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi by Ramana Maharshi


Carl Gustav Jung described Shri Ramana Maharishi to be a “modern Indian Prophet who exemplified so impressively the problem of psychic transformation”. The teachings of this Enlightened saint have pervaded the globe and has influenced scores of people, both devotees as well as non-devotees. This small collection contains within its fold, answers to twenty-eight questions posed to the Maharishi in 1902 by an intrepid student of Philosophy, Mr.Sivaprakasam Pillai.

The questions all revolve around and hone in on the extinction of ego and Enlightenment of and about the soul. The path towards transformation from the sense and self oriented to the detached and divine is set out in a most simplistic and understandable manner. However do not let the simplicity detract from the arduous profundity of the actual task of transformation!

“Who Am I?” – Genuinely worth introspecting!

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