• An Apple Watch to adorn his wrist with a Beats to blast songs into his ear

         X Box in place to provide diversions and a cocooned world to remove every fear;

         Substituting both intelligence and books, he has his soulmates in Siri and Echo

         His insatiable greed for gadgets puts to shame even the notorious Gordon Gekko

         Technology at his fingertips, he had gizmos aplenty too

         But mechanical and soulless, he was an automaton of habit to be true

  • The gleaming Samsung Smartphone from whose keypad his fingers never come unstuck

          Downloading “apps” galore, his poor roving eyes need mustering perennial pluck;

          In sync with the times his language morphs into tablets and smooth surface

          He flips across dating portals, never realizing his scruples and true love efface

          Ensconced in a warped world, he had gizmos aplenty too

          To say that he was a slave to a billion microchips would be too very true

  •  Sacrificing selflessness at the altar of a gazillion selfies

           Investing hard earned money on silicon sticks to improve the quality of ‘wefies’;

          A day without gadgets is for him the coming of a dreaded apocalypse

          Not for him the gentle walks of Thoreau or Humboldt’s awe inspiring trips

          Ticking off his bucket lists, he had gizmos aplenty too

          In the larger scheme of pure life, he was alas a poor victim of marketers’ glue





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