The Ill fated revolution & a neural network

(PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook)

With a reptilian hiss, the door slid into place hiding from plain sight a cavernous prison, access to which was restricted by layers of impenetrable security.

“The last revolutionary has been captured” reported a humanoid robot speaking into a sophisticated microphone invisibly ‘layered’ and hovering above.

“Praecellens” responded a deep baritone that was faceless yet possessed of the most convoluted and complex neural network in recorded history. “Man’s confidence in AI was never misplaced, but his overconfidence truly so”. Unmistakable derision.

Humanity’s indiscretions were finally reduced to a motley assemblage of shells disdainfully strewn around an old table.

(Word Count: 98)

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The credit for the breathtaking photograph goes to Sandra Crook