Sui Dhaga: Made In india – A paean to Make In India

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A wholesome entertainer, ‘Sui Dhaga’ is a Horatio Alger movie with a marked desi flavour. Staid, prosaic and yet warming the cockles of every heart, Yash Raj films have attempted, and succeeded in delivering a film that is sub par on the stereotypical glamour quotient, but packing a punch on the substance front. If you expect to see dainty damsels clad in revealing chiffon prancing around trees, and chocolate boy heroes clumsily strumming guitars all the while reminiscing about their muses, then ‘Sui Dhaga’ is not the movie for you.

Mauji (Varun Dhawan) undergoes a series of humiliating taunts courtesy his employer, a dealer in sewing machines and driven by extreme exasperation quits his job after a melt down. Mamata (Anushka Sharma), his muted but powerfully influential and immensely well balanced wife supports his move and goads him on to be an entrepreneur. Facing intense opposition from his pessimistic father (Raghuvir Yadav) and having to put up with the nagging pleas from an ailing mother, Mauji is at a cross road in his life. Battered by an uncompromising world and bounced around amongst people with ulterior motives, Mauji has only the ever reliable Mamata to bank on if he has to succeed in his endeavour to carve out a niche for himself.

Varun Dhawan essays a commendable performance as a naive, honest and hardworking Mauji. He has acted out of his skin to make himself relevant, indelible and immaculate. This performance will undoubtedly go a long way in paving the way for Dhawan to carve an inimitable niche for himself.

If Mauji is the heart of ‘Sui Dhaga’, Mamata is its pulsating, calculating and remarkable brain. Sui Dhaga is made for, by and of Anushka Sharma. Effortless, fluid and phenomenal she carries the movie on her slender albeit able shoulders. Thoroughly de-glamourised and possessing a screen presence that is powerful, Anushka has pulled off a veritable coup. Standing like a rock beside her struggling husband, she punches beyond her weight to make things happen for him.

Raghuvir Yadav is his usual brilliant self. He irritable and gruff manner paradoxically endears him to everyone as does the incredible innocuousness of Yamini Das (Mauji’s mother).

The rest of the ensemble is stellar in the roles carefully devised for them and there is not a single character who either disappoints or disgruntles.

‘Sui Dhaga – Made In india’ – tailored to perfection!

The Redemption of Mr.Francesco

(Photo Credit: John Brand)

Franceso made his way gingerly down the fleet of steps. He could have traversed this path blindfolded. Looking strikingly elegant and singularly dignified in his Dormeuil Vanquish II bespoke, he had a certain aura about him. A couple of stubborn lines on his forehead had begun to remind him about the passage of time. His immaculately polished pair of Magnanni Christians struck a rhythmic pattern as he reached the end of the steps. Clasped firmly, in one of his hands was a basic toolbox.

Turning to his right he stopped in front of the street lamp that had been shabbily grooved on to the stone wall. Opening the tool box, he took out a screw driver, unscrewed the casing of the streetlamp and replaced the fading bulb with a new one from his kit.

The glow from this very streetlight had been muted if not adequate. Yet this was the very light under whose refuge, a young Francesco had sat through the night with his books. This after walking 5 miles to reach the lamp. On some days the blisters in his feet had bled raw.

This was the 40th year since he changed the first bulb.

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Thanks to John Brand for the marvelous photograph