Mr.Francesco’s Benevolent Virus

(Photo Credit: Wildverbs)

The city was in a state of palpable tension. Yet another terrible case of teenage suicide was reported by the law enforcement authorities, a case more macabre than the previous one.

Just when it had seemed that the insidious Blue Whale was a forgotten ghost, ‘Picture Me’ reared it’s ugly head. Upon agreeing to participate, every teenager had to be prepared to send a selfie of whatever it was that she/he was doing upon receiving a ‘group request’. Teens thus were forced to post awkward pictures subsequent to which their shame found redemption only in suicide.

Francesco stepped in liberally with both his money and intellect. Working with the State Cyber Alliance, he penetrated the servers disseminating the request with a worm that would convert every picture posted under “Picture Me” into an image of a favourite pail which Francesco had used 57 years ago to collect trash from the beach thus earning a few extra pennies.


This story has been written as part of the FLASH FICTION FOR ASPIRING WRITERS – FFfAW Challenge #186, more details about which may be found HERE

For reading similar entries submitted in response to the FFfAW Challenge #186, please click HERE

Thank You Wildverbs for the photograph!

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