Scripture and the Sculptor

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“Does God reside only within such huge and extravagant structures?” Ashita wondered aloud gaping at the resplendent architecture.

“No my dear child. God needs neither structures nor scriptures. It is the sculptor in whom he exists. Each one of us is a sculptor. He dwells in every good thought, manifests in every good deed and blesses every good word” whispered Joanne gently ruffling her eight-year old’s hair.

Looking up at Joanne and gazing intently into her eyes, Ashita proclaimed in an unwavering and convincing voice, “in that case I have the best God ever”, and hugged Joanne tightly.

(Word Count: 99)

This story was written as part of the FRIDAY FICTIONEERS challenge, more about which may be found HERE

 For the complete list of entries, please click HERE

The credit for the breathtaking photograph goes to Roger Bultot



13 thoughts on “Scripture and the Sculptor

  1. So sweet that the little girl thinks her mother to be best god. It is true god resides everywhere. We the people make grand memorials to touch his glory. Sometime we over do it. Nice post.


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