Mr. Francesco’s Respect

(Photo Credit: Jeff Arnold)

“Oh no Grandpa not again” wailed Ashita as a gleaming Francesco checkmated his nine-year-old grand-daughter.

Ruffling Ashita’ s hair, Francesco proceeded to impart his precocious bit of wisdom. “listen Ashita, chess is more than just a game. It teaches you tact and thought. It inculcates patience and induces pressure. It lures you to take risks while simultaneously warning you.”

Joanne bringing in a tray of freshly baked cupcakes and steaming cups of tea for her dad and daughter sat next to Francesco.

Francesco continued. “However, the greatest lesson this regal game teaches you Ashita is – always respect your opponent”

(Word Count: 99)

This story was written as part of the FRIDAY FICTIONEERS challenge, more about which may be found HERE

 For the complete list of entries, please click HERE

The credit for the breathtaking photograph goes to Jeff Arnold 

13 thoughts on “Mr. Francesco’s Respect

  1. Nice enumeration of the benefits of chess-playing. Learning to lose gracefully is one benefit the girl has not yet gained. 😊

    I have to tell you I stumbled on the word “precocious” only because i have only heard it applied to the young. Did you mean precious?


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