Ms. Gecko’s Salvation

(Photo courtesy DC Stultz)

The pinnacle of salvation was just one murder away. But time was fast running out. The Gecko turned right, and twisted left before springing up the stainless steel cutlery holder. Ms. Gecko had to act swiftly and decisively before the drunken rotund man would take the bowl of steaming hot stew placed near the microwave.  A few yards right in front of where Mike stood was a razor sharp upturned kitchen knife. It’s sharp edges gleamed and glistened reflecting the light from the kitchen lamp. Ms. Gecko hurled herself against a paper cup filled with cheap wine. “What the hell”, Mike screamed as the contents of the cup spilled over the tiled floor making it slippery.

Flinging herself onto Mike’s neck she plunged her teeth into his throat. Feeling the stinging pain, Mike instinctively reached out to squelch Ms. Gecko. In a lightning quick motion she leaped towards the knife. Mike took a step in pursuit. Slipping over the wine he plunged headlong in front before his jugular made a crunchy contact with the knife.

A fountain of blood gushed out. Ms. Gecko darted her tongue out twice. Mr. Gecko could now rest in peace. His death was avenged.

(Word Count: 199)

Written as part of Sunday Photo Fiction. Write a story of around 200 words based on the photo prompt given (above). Hosted by Donna McNicol . For more details visit HERE

To read more of the stories based on this week’s prompt, click HERE


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